Water Features

The term “Water Features” can mean many things to many people, whereas for some the term may be totally unfamiliar.

At RBI, we think of it as having the ability to bring together the many facets of our skills and abilities, and combining them all into a creative exciting visual product to be enjoyed by many! The “Wow Factor” will often be mentioned when the observer and / or participant experiences one of the Water Features that RBI has had a hand in “creating”.

We have participated in water feature projects that have been installed around the globe. Our role is generally to participate in design, controls fabrication and integration, programming, on site commissioning assistance, and future service support.

Whether it be an interactive fully choreographed feature with large horsepower pumps, hundreds of water jets, colourful lighting and music all working together harmoniously, a smaller pool feature creating a subtle and reflective mood effect, or anything in between, RBI along with our valued group of partners would be very pleased to “create” one for you!

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