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The RBI Story

The RBI Story

Robertson Bright Inc. (RBI) is a privately held electrical contractor with over 60 years of successful business history in the industrial, commercial and institutional marketplace.

Originally established in 1954 as John L. Robertson Company Ltd. in Mississauga, Ontario by the founder of the same name, “John L” as it was commonly referred to quickly became synonymous with a company having a strong straightforward approach to electrical construction. It was complemented by a growing list of clientele and a solid group of field, supervisory, administrative and managerial personnel. Construction, Design-Build Services, Preventative Maintenance, Process Control and Emergency Service were just some of the expanding range of services that John L clients knew they could depend upon.

Over the next few decades John L continued to not only survive, but thrive despite the various trends in both local and national economies, a testament to the entire team and the passion to deliver a quality product to their customers every time.

“The RBI Story” took an interesting turn in 1998 when the first in a list of strategic, quality acquisitions began to further enhance the well-established base of clients, skills and abilities. Each of the firms listed below have their own rich history which continues to make the “RBI Group” an exciting story of growth, diversity and strength.

Bright Electric, Toronto 1998
Bright Electric Toronto, established in 1955 from an electrical services company that had originally begun in the early 1900’s, continued to develop into a well-known electrical contractor in Toronto at a time when the growth of the city and surrounding communities were unprecedented.

Bright Electric Toronto became a wholly owned subsidiary of Robertson Bright in 1998.

Bright Electric, Peterborough 2004
Bright Electric Peterborough, established in 1968, had cultivated a strong electrical presence throughout the region in the heavy industrial, commercial and institutional communities which has carried on to the present day through their wide variety of skillsets and experience.

Bright Electric Peterborough became a wholly owned subsidiary of Robertson Bright in 2004.

Arco Electric, Calgary 2007
Arco Electric Limited, established in 1984, quickly developed into an electrical contractor with a strong reputation in the greater Calgary area as a “go to” contractor with many repeat and referred clients with an emphasis in the design build and construction marketplace at large.

Arco Electric became a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI in April 2007.

Breaker Electric, Calgary 2008
Breaker Electric Inc. established in 1994, and through its ability to provide service excellence created an impressive list of many well-established customers in and around the greater Calgary, Alberta region that was supported by their quality service and installation personnel in the electrical and communication sectors.

Breaker Electric became a wholly owned subsidiary of Robertson Bright in May 2008.

McDowell Electric, Toronto 2008
McDowell Electric Co. Ltd., established in 1952 in Toronto as an electrical contractor involved in construction and service primarily in the commercial and industrial markets. In 1985 it became incorporated as McDowell Electric Inc. and continued to develop specialty services utilizing the latest emerging electrical and electronic technologies.

McDowell Electric became a wholly owned subsidiary of Robertson Bright in December 2008.

Corona Electric LLC, Las Vegas 2011
Corona Electric LLC, established in 2007 in Las Vegas NV, in a few short years gained a solid standing within the electrical contracting community as a multi-faceted electrical contractor serving the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. It developed a quality personnel base and many well-established clients in the Greater Las Vegas area and beyond.

Corona Electric became a wholly owned subsidiary of Robertson Bright in May 2011.

Corona Electric LLC changed their name to Robertson Bright Industries LLC  in December 2011

Pacific Power & System Inc., Fairfield, California 2016
Pacific Power & Systems, Inc., has been serving Northern California and beyond since 1999. Their strengths are design build, emergency communications systems, and fire and security protection systems with a focus on the commercial, industrial and public works sectors. They have become a reputable and trusted electrical contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and will continue to grow with Robertson Bright to provide best in class electrical and communications solutions.

Pacific Power & Systems became a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI in July 2016.