Infrared Thermography

Predictive vs. Reactive.

Many RBI clients have come to know and appreciate the “predictive” quality that comes with our Infrared Thermography Services by non-obtrusively detecting uncharacteristically overheated conditions within their facility’s electrical systems

A thorough inspection is performed on all electrical distribution systems as per our predetermined plan with you. All points within the list of equipment that have an elevated temperature above normal will be identified in varying levels of urgency according to the temperature and related loads affected. This information is compiled in a concise reference binder thus enabling us to review with you the various actionable items if any have been noted.

Our mutual review can then facilitate RBI in coordinating with you to schedule a planned shutdown. This will enable the physical inspection, maintenance, repair and or replacement of a suspect electrical distribution system component system BEFORE an untimely, unsafe, potentially hazardous failure possibly leading to a partial or complete facility shutdown.

Going forward, the frequency of inspections would be based on a number of factors such as findings in the initial report, systems reliability, the age and general condition of specific equipment and the criticality of a particular system.

Always remember the “reactive” response as Murphy’s Law states all too well…. “will come at the worst possible time….”

Please contact your local RBI branch to set up an appointment for an Infrared Thermography Services Program quotation today.

Infared Thermography

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