Control Panel Shop

Working in concert with our Industrial Technical Services teams, our Control Panel Shop is actively engaged as a contract manufacturer of control panels serving a wide variety of needs, industries and marketplaces.

The control panels produced at RBI might be part of a large production run numbering in the hundreds, or it could be a single “one off” fabrication as part of a custom production line or system. As such, we welcome your inquiries; whether you have a specific control panel already designed and documented, or if you are clear on the need but require input as to how to utilize the best available technologies to meet your functionality needs and budget.

Perhaps you are an electrical contractor that does not currently have the facility and or technical manpower to design, fabricate and test your own control panels. Let us perform this work for you on your behalf under your own corporate branding.

All control panels produced in our facility have a CAD schematic (and Operation & Maintenance Manual when applicable) to facilitate timely installation and troubleshooting. A rigorous and documented Quality Control Program verifies that each control panel shipped from our facility has been pre-tested to ensure that your required functionality and reliability mandates will be met from Day One. The same mindset is given to safety considerations that are inherent in the design of every control panel, always respecting the requirements of the local governing electrical safety authorities where the equipment will be utilized.

When desired, our control panel service offering can also include complete installation, integration and commissioning services as part of our contract with you.

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