Technical Services

At RBI, we have a long and successful history of providing innovative solutions for new, retrofit and repair of all types of production and technically related equipment, systems and production lines.

Our Technical Services group can help you with a quality control issue you are having, an inefficient process that could utilize current automation technology, or perhaps a breakdown that needs an immediate service response.

Your requirements may include anyone of the following technologies, all of which we can help you through service repairs, preliminary design concepts, product selection, fabrication, installation, commissioning, monitoring and preventative maintenance:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • AC, DC, VFD, Servo, Motor Control
  • Power Quality Analysis

The negative effects of ever-increasing electricity costs directly affecting your bottom line can often be mitigated by upgrading motors and their associated control methodology to high efficiency solutions. In many regions, incentives are available to help offset the capital costs of these projects, thus improving ROI even more.

Perhaps you have a production line that is to be relocated within your plant, or across the country, to another country, or from another country. Not a problem, as we have significant experience in all of the above.

We can also update your existing equipment documentation, or if nothing suitable is available we can create new schematic CAD documentation as an “as-built” detailed drawing set. This process is vital to facilitate organized de-commissioning, timely re-assembly and successful re-commissioning processes. Going forward, this documentation will also aid in future servicing needs.

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