June 15, 2017 – Vacaville Two Story Modular Buildings

Vacaville Two Story Modular Buildings with 30 classrooms has the first building set in place and underground site work is ongoing to support the new building. The first building completion is scheduled for July 2017 and the second building completion is for

May 20, 2017 – Joeys Restaurant, Chinook Mall, Calgary

Joeys Restaurant, Chinook Mall, Calgary.  This project was completed for Bonn Construction and consisted of the demolition and renovation of the 8,450 square feet interior and patio space.  This included all new electrical systems such as LED Lighting, Fire Alarm,  Audio Visual & Lighting Control Systems. The electrical install was supervised by Darryl Bradley.

Apr 3 2017 – Ford and Riley

Ford and Riley is a multi-level new constructions Elementary School here in Las Vegas.  This project consists of 3 main structures for students, playground and additional support building for future expansion.  As you can see RBI is off to a good start and underground installation is in full swing, with building 4 pad ready for our first pour on Tuesday.  We will be keeping everyone updated as this quick turnaround project really gets a head of steam.