Tenant Improvement

You have the “space.” Now you need to make it your own.

Tenant Improvement, “TI,” sometimes called “Tenant Fit Up,” has its own unique construction characteristics.

The importance of initial mobilization through to occupancy is often more elevated for TI projects than in virtually any other construction model due to a number of factors, including:

  • “Surprises” in pre-existing construction not anticipated until demolition/construction has begun.
  • Project delays that may force the client to pay premium rental fees to stay in existing premises – which may not even be an available option.
  • Mandate to maximize pre-negotiated “free” months of leasehold relocation timing, when applicable.
  • Urgency to begin generating revenue as soon as formal occupancy approvals are received.
  • Significant challenges in coordinating requirements with landlord and, possibly, other building tenants.
  • Critical time-sensitive logistics for seamless communication cutovers to the renovated premises.
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At RBI we have a wide range of experience in TI projects across all business sectors and sizes. A typical project might be the renovation of existing occupied space requiring significant work to be performed after normal hours in order to minimize interruption to business flow. Or it could involve the expansion of an existing tenant footprint that requires the same high level of “fit and finish,” facilitating and complementing a high-quality final product. Or the TI could be done for a tenant in a brand new multistory office building.

Whatever your particular situation calls for, count on RBI to be a solid contributing player on your TI Team!