Design Build Construction

We have a strong history of electrical innovation in the Design Build Construction proposal and delivery formats.

Pre-Engineered Construction

At RBI we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients what has been asked for through the associated project plans and design specifications.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement, “TI”, or as it is sometimes referred to as “Tenant Fit Up” has its own unique construction characteristics.

Communications Infrastructure

We depend daily on being able to document, calculate, plan, and store a multitude of information types and formats.

Emergency Power

RBI review your power reliability issues to develop a comprehensive design that will help to mitigate your potential future losses due to a power issue.

Renewable Energy

RBI has seen both a market opportunity and an opportunity to participate in the growing attitude shift to having less of an environmental impact on our planet.

Technical Services

At RBI, we have a long and successful history of providing innovative solutions for new, retrofit and repair of all types of production

Control Panel Shop

Working in concert with our Industrial Technical Services teams, our Control Panel Shop is actively engaged as a contract manufacturer of control panels

Infrared Thermography

Many RBI clients have come to know and appreciate the “predictive” quality that comes with our Infrared Thermography Services

24/7 Emergency Service

A call to your local RBI branch, no matter what the time of day or week, will ensure that that you receive the prompt, professional